The Horoscope for the Week Starting September 09, 2019

- The best will never come

As a Taurus you do not like to be hit by a bus, thus this is not a good week for you. As the Sun rises into Aries, your risk of being hit by a bus increases dramatically. You should avoid any places near buses and be aware that buses does not always stay on the road.

Lately you have felt somewhat neglected but that will soon come to an end. In the following week, you will be on the front page of National Enquirer, The Sun and other tabloids as well as you will be getting extensive coverage on the news channels. A week from now, you will sorely miss being neglected.

Venus and Virgo is in an unusual strong constellation for Taurus at the end of the week. According to our supercomputer, you will have 95 percent chance of finding the true love of your life in the weekend. If you are already married, you might as well begin to draw up the divorce papers.

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