The Horoscope for the Week Starting September 09, 2019

- Tomorrow is another day, maybe!

As a Scorpio, being struck by lightning is not something you enjoy. Stay indoor, unless you have a cloudless sky. And even then, do not go too far out in the open, the meteorological situation can change rapidly!

You will in a few days notice the first signs of an upcoming flu. Make sure you have chamomile tea, soup and lots of paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper and other necessities in the house.

You call the vet in order to get them to take care of a dog you have found hit on the road. But you press the wrong buttons on your phone and instead you call The White House. Your talk about killing the bastard is not well received by the security staff. If you feel that someone is watching you in the coming months, it is not something you imagine. For the foreseeable future, you mush be very careful what you say on the phone and in your home.

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