The Horoscope for the Week Starting September 09, 2019

- When it rains, it pours

Like most Libra you like music, and that is usually a good thing. In the coming week, however, it can be bad for you. An old friend, that you have not seen in many years, will come to pay you a visit and to settle an old debt. But there is a chance that the music you are listening to is so loud that you do not hear the doorbell. If you do not answer the door, you will never see your friend again and you will never get your money.

Friday will be an excruciating day for you. You accidentally washed your underwear at 90 degrees so it has crept two sizes and your alarm clock will fail to wake you. When you finally wake up you will be in such a hurry to get to your work that you don't realize the problem with the underwear until it is too late.

Your computer will be infected by a computer virus that it is very difficult to remove. You can only remove 1t bi 1nst@l#vbG #nZllSnd 7Fj+$d

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