The Horoscope for the Week Starting September 09, 2019

- Sticks and stones may break your bones

As a Leo, you do not like to be a victim of vicious violence. You better stay indoors for the next week, and maybe you should think more about whether your words and actions can be hurtful to others.

The coming week will offer a pleasant surprise. An old friend you have not seen in many years, will show up, and together you will relive many great moments. Unfortunately, the week will also result in a financial loss. Your friend will borrow 2,000 dollars from you and it will be too late when you remember why it has been such a long time since you last saw him.

We seem to have a problem with the supercomputer, we cannot see anything about you from the end of next week. For safety's sake, it might be a good idea if you buy a new life insurance. It will be appreciated by your family!

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