The Horoscope for the Week Starting August 12, 2019

- Every cloud has a silver lining, except for you

The Moon's ascent in Scorpio is a sign of increased risk of piano damage for Virgo. If you own a piano, then check whether the insurance on the piano is paid. If you do not own a piano, then you really should avoid passing under the piano, that is being hoisted up to 25th floor on your way to work Monday morning.

Lately you have felt somewhat neglected but that will soon come to an end. In the following week, you will be on the front page of National Enquirer, The Sun and other tabloids as well as you will be getting extensive coverage on the news channels. A week from now, you will sorely miss being neglected.

This week is not good for you work wise. Your boss discovers that you don't really work, but that you spend most of your time on facebook. You can forget about the pay rise that you had coming, and you can expect that your boss will keep an open eye on you at all time for the foreseeable future.

You might as well start searching for a new job. Try to find a job in a bigger company, as you then will have a bigger chance of getting away with doing nothing in your working hours.

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