The Horoscope for the Week Starting August 12, 2019

- Trapped between a rock and a hard place

As a Gemini, you do not like to be a victim of vicious violence. You better stay indoors for the next week, and maybe you should think more about whether your words and actions can be hurtful to others.

Mercury and Venus are retrograded in the Gemini all week, while Mars is in a waning square to Uranus. It is a very unusual constellation for your work life and it can be interpreted in two ways: Either you are promoted with a hefty pay rise or you oversleep Tuesday morning, getting too late to the important meeting with the boss.

Saturday will begin like most Saturdays, but it will end in a big disaster. You will wake up in the morning. Still sleepy, you go to the bathroom, while slowly getting control over your body. You realize that you are about to run out of toilet paper, and you remind yourself to buy some later in the day. You consider shortly going back to bed, which would have been a good choice considering what happens later in the day, but instead you end up going to the kitchen, where you ... [abridged for reasons of space].

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