The Horoscope for the Week Starting August 12, 2019


As an Aries, you like to win in the lottery. And we have great news for you: You will win one of the main prizes in this week's lottery. Take care of your ticket! Venus is entering the 9th house in Cancer, which means that you risk losing your prize before actually getting it.

You are about to face a hard time, but do not despair. You might see an improvement in a few months when the sun will move into Aries, which is a sign of brighter times. This can mean that you will either get a deduction of a couple of months off your sentence or that a new prisoner will relieve you of your job of picking up the soap in the showers.

Apparently your computer contains pirated copies of programs and/or multimedia and with Neptune ascending into Scorpio you are in danger that Microsoft and other rights holders will sue you. You must delete all the pirated files immediately to avoid big fines. However, you can minimize the risk by doing a good deed, like donation 2 dollars to My Weekly Horoscope.

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