The Horoscope for the Week Starting August 12, 2019

- Tomorrow is another day, maybe!

As s, you like to have a good time. Unfortunately you will not have any this week, you will be far too busy. But maybe next week. Our supercomputer is not yet finished with your horoscope for the next week, but it seems that you will have a lot more spare time. If you have not planned a vacation, then maybe you should think about joining the union, you might need their help.

This week is particularly suited for thinking about a new career opportunity. Make the choice now before someone else makes it for you!

This week, you will have a dramatic weekend. However, the stars are sending a mixed message as the sun will transit the second house of Mars and at the same time Mercury is entering Aries. This means that you will either be attacked by a mad ax murderer, or you will win 20 dollar in the lottery.

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